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Here's what we provide to students
Mentorship Outreach for Middle and High School Boys and GirlsStudents grades 6th -12th. Our Navigators go into the schools and aid students to focus primarily on leadership and academics as traditional students or students participating in extra-curriculum activities. We provide the following to the schools, students, and parents:
*All participating students must complete our waiver to participate*

  • Navigators visit schools to assist with leadership and academic support mentorship during the school year.

  • Provide support to aid students in crisis and peer pressure situations.  

  •   Inspiration and faith guidance.

  • Mentorship for life and career choice planning.

  • 24-7 off-campus on-call crisis navigator mentor.

  • Provide assistance to middle & high school students, athletes, and music students prepare for college and seek scholarships.

  • College Tours & Recruitment Visits. (F)

  • Athletics for students not participating with their home school. (SFA)

  • Music Production Composition for music students. (SFA)*                                         (SFA)* indicates: Some Fees Applied                                                                    (F) *Indicates: Fees Applied

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