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Work closely with school principals and staff mentoring, tracking, and reporting progress on each student through analyzing current areas of need, helping create successes for each student, and areas for improvement to help each participating student create a winning attitude. Our plan is to integrate and create a road map with the schools emphasizing the LITF, LEAD SC, and bullying curriculum that covers most of the topics we want to cover throughout the school year.
We will mentor each incoming student factoring faith, education, activities, college, career, and life skills providing direction and guidance.

Navigators              Areas of work in schools

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Things we cover with students

We cover the following topics with students:

  • Leadership through Aspirations

  •  Leadership through Achievements

  •  Creating Smart Goals Setting in education and service

  • Grateful Journal writing preparation

  • Leadership through Prioritization

  • College / Career / Life skill Preparation

  • Emotional Self Reflection

  •  Mind Mapping – activity

  • Daily planning for success

  • Learning Time Management


    Bullying support outreach

  • Student evaluations and interviews

  • Peer pressure and social acceptance

  • Cyber-bullying

  • Self-esteem

  • Life leadership skills

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