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Mentorship Team

Meet the amazing people who work day in and day out to make our team amazing. Our staff is made up of inspiring professionals who make it their goal every day to give the students the support they need. From our directors to our mentorship volunteers, our team is ready to work.

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Urie Smalls
Ret. Law Enforcement

Ronnie Gadsden
Ret. Law Enforc


        Outreach Advisor / College Recruiting Advisor 

Mr. Smalls has many years of law enforcement experience. Mr. Smalls also worked in the school system as a SRO  (School Resource Officer) providing outreach to many youths throughout our region and can easily gauge how to interact with each student in order to ensure success.

Mr. Ronnie Gadsden also has law enforcement experience and will provide an integral part of making sure the navigators program runs smoothly from day to day. Our program gives students a second chance at living a meaningful life they deserve.

More Team Members

Dedication. Expertise. Passion.

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